What are the different kinds of leather?



First, let us have some understanding of What are the different kinds of leather?. As we know, leather is very durable and flexible; the majority of leathers are primarily from cattle hide. It can be produced through different manufacturing processes, ranging from cottage industry to heavy industry.

So do you know what is best leather for your handbag is? Let me list down some of the most popular leather that is commonly used in today handbags business.

1) Cattle – It is the most famous and oldest materials for lady’s handbag. The pores are smaller, round and compact. For fine leather, the surface is smooth, shiny, flexible and a solid feel. The best quality leather is when cattle are 2 – 3 years old.

2) Buffalo – It is rare and more expensive. This kind of leather is slightly rougher, coarse pores and less flexible than cattle leather.

3) Sheep – Sheepskin is flexible, shiny and has a soft feel. Tibet antelope leather is the best quality and most expensive in this category; it very soft and a warm feel.

4) Horse – It is more expensive, thicker and heavier. It is mainly used to produce shoes or handbags rather than clothing.

5) Pig – The pores are large and rough. But some smart manufacturers used a chemical treatment to make the leather shrinkage and make the appearance look like a sheep leather. This kind of leather is much cheaper compared to another kind of leathers.

These are only some basic understanding of a different type of leather for producing a handbag. I would like to share with you some more information on another kind of leathers in our next topic!

Different Kinds of Leather Bracelets for Men

If are you looking to purchase a unique fashion item for your man, why not watch bracelets that are in the market? Nowadays people are more open to trying out different kinds of fashion bracelets as well as necklaces for men. These come off various metals and alloys as well as leather. If you are looking to make a choice among the fashion accessories for men, these are some of the several bracelet materials that you could consider. However, leather has an appeal, unlike others. For that reason, here are some different tips on leather bracelets that you could opt for.

Leather bands

Among the traditional men’s leather bracelets, the wide band designs are most appealing. These are safer options to look at when you are considering a gift for a conservative person. Men often like to have an accessory to wear when they are wearing casual clothing or when they are out on weekends. For these times, simple wristbands made of leather with an engraving or a simple design would be suitable for them.

Layered designs

The men’s leather bracelets do not come in simple band designs alone. They are of the layered wrap designs as well. If you are looking for unique fashion accessories to gift a man, why not check out the layered leather bracelets? The layered ones have a rock star look and feel which make them unique and can be paired well with denim and other kinds of casual wear.

Edgy designs

The bracelet accents which come in layered leather style looks great on many men, like men’s necklaces. For that reason, check out the different braided, beaded and other forms of layered bands that are available in the market. The handcrafted leather bands have a unique look and feel that machine made leather bands cannot provide. Hence, handmade leather bracelet designs would be great to opt for as a unique gift item for a special man.

Stacked designs

If you are tired of the single band designs, why not opt for leather bands that come in stacked form? These come with varying layer designs. There are beaded strands, single straps and more which make up a single bracelet. For those who are looking for variety, this kind of a leather bracelet will surely be an innovation to check out.

Purchasing a gift bracelet online

The bracelets which are offered as gift items come with gift wrapping options as well. For that reason, it is convenient to make a gift purchase online. Once you have chosen the right gift item for yourself, all you need to do is provide the address where the item has to be sent. When you specify that the item has to be gift wrapped, it would be done accordingly and forwarded to the address given. You could keep the secret and allow the recipient to get a pleasant surprise when he receives the gift. These are some ways it becomes easy and convenient to purchase a gift item online and get it shipped to your dear one’s address.

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